What is Farm to Table meat club?

It is a great way to bring farm raised local meat to your family! 

You purchase custom beef, pork and lamb in smaller quantities then a whole cow. 

You order 16 lb boxes.  the box contains:

  • 4 lbs of ground beef
  • 4 steaks, (approx. 2 pounds of meat)
  • 4 pounds of sausage (hot or mild)
  • 2-3 lb ham roast
  • 4 pounds of something,  whatever cuts we have the most of.

All of that for just $99

We also have an all beef box for $125 and an all pork box for $95. 

individual cuts are also available.  Club members get a 20% discount on all cuts.  check the price sheet here.

How does the club work?

Step 1. Join the club. In Tennessee in order to use a custom processor to process your meat, you must own the animal. By being a member of the club, you own “part” of the animal. More information can be found in the FAQs. So Jion the club, fill out the membership form and pay the $20 yearly fee. You are NOT signing up for any repeating order.

Step 2. order your box. At this point, send an email to orders@rebelhollowfarm.com stating which box you want and which drop spot you want to pick it up at. You can order once a week, once a month, once a year, whatever you need. No box is delivered until YOU order it.

Do you need something other than what is in the box? Cow tongue anyone? Just send an email with what you want and your prefered drop location. We will let you know we have it and when it will be at the drop.

Step 3. order your next box….. whenever you are ready.

Ready to join? click here

Rebel Hollow Farm to Table is a food club that allows you to enjoy farm raised meat in your home by purchasing a membership in the club.  Rebel Hollow farm raises heritage pigs and katahdin sheep on the farm.  We also purchase cows from local farmers to add beef to our club.  The membership cost is $20 a year, due at the time of your first order.  Why a membership fee? To stay legal in TN and be able to sell meat from local processors not always USDA certified, we need to be a club. More information later.

Our pigs are pasture raised which for us means they are outside digging up roots and playing in the mud like pigs are suppose to.  We supplement their feed with a combination our local feed mill makes with corn and distillers grain.  We are working on a deal with a new distillery to pick up their spent grain to feed our pigs.   We are excited about that possibility as it is good feed for the pigs and will lower our feed bill.  We grow some of our own corn but at this time we cannot store enough to do all.

 Our sows include Ohio, a very large Yorkshire cross, we have 4 Berkshire sows that are bred for the first time now, and we have a purebred Gloucester old spot sow. Our boar is being replaced.  We are growing a Berkshire boar and an old spot boar.  We also have raised a wide range of heritage pigs we got from a friend in Iowa.  They are excellent pork.  We process our pigs between 200-250 pounds. 

Our lambs are katahdin, a very nice meat sheep.  They are raised on pasture with their mom.  When they weigh about 100 pounds, we take them for processing. 

The cows that we are purchasing have been farm raised.  They are charlois cross or angus cross.  They are 1000-1200 pounds at processing.  They are grass fed until the last month when they are put on grain.  We think the meat has better flavor and is tender thus way. 

We may add chicken but have not as yet. 

Your membership allows you to purchase a 16 lb box of meat weekly, biweekly or monthly for $99.  This box will contain 4 pounds of sausage, you specify hot or mild or a combination, 4 pounds ground beef, 4 steaks,  a 2-3 pound ham, and cuts of our choice to make the weight 16 pounds. 

You may specify a beef only box for $125 or a pork only box for $95. 

We will have a price sheet that allows you to add to your order.

Orders will be picked up at designated pick up locations.  Currently, Sunday afternoon at the Eastside market between 1-2, Tuesday in Knoxville at the Ebenezer rd United Methodist church between 5-6, Powell on Emory rd at Half time pizza on Tuesday from 6:45-7:15, Wed. In Kingsport at the farmers market from 7am -noon, Saturday in Jonesborough from 8-8:30 am, Greeneville at Depot St Farmers market from 10-noon, and Morristown from 9-12.  Other times and locations may be added. 

You decide how often you want a box.  Different size families need different amounts.  At this time we will accept specific orders at the prices on our price sheet.  This is subject to change without notice.  Prices will fluctuate with the costs involved.  Of course subject to availability

The meat will be processed in a custom slaughter facility.  It will not be stamped usda.  This simply means the inspector was not present during processing.   All facilities are inspected for cleanliness.   I find the quality of the processing to be very high quality at the facilities we use. 

Orders must be placed by email to orders@rebelhollowfarm.com at least 1 week before your pick up date. If a need arises you can ask and if it is possible, we will fill late orders. 

We must reserve the right to make substitutions.  Each animal has a slightly different yield.  The weight of the product will be 16 pounds or more but the cuts may vary.   

Membership is mandatory and will require signing that you have read this paper and agree.  It will also require the signing of a waiver that says you understand this meat is processed in a custom facility that is inspected for sanitation only.  My experience so far, that quality of the processing at the custom facilities far exceeds that of the inspected facility.  We need to keep the lawyers and insurance people happy. 

Your membership is non-refundable.  You may order as often as you like, every week or never. 

I am so excited to offer this opportunity for your family to have great meat straight from the farm!