Rebel Hollow Farm

Livestock available


We have Nubians, both registered and unregistered  We also have Nigerian dwarf unregistered, a few fainters, and a few lamanchas.  


We have Katahdin hair sheep and Finn sheep.  


We have Berkshire, Old Spot and Yorkshire cross pigs.  We sell feeders, breeding stock, and freezer pork

Mini Pot-belly pig

These little guys make GREAT pets!  Our mini pot-bellies and genetically small.  They are fed normal amounts of feed.  They are very healthy.  They weigh between 20-50 lbs.  

Australian Shepherd

Ozzy, Ashe, and Buddy make some great puppies!  

Great Pyrenese

 Gracie, Bliz, and Bandit make great puppies!  These dogs are fantastic livestock guardians!  


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