Rebel Hollow Farm is a diverse family farm that offers farm raised meat and produce for your family. We raise Pigs and Lambs and a neighbor raises cattle. We plan to add our own cattle soon. We enjoy raising healthy, happy animals that then go on to fulfill their God given purpose of providing food for your family and ours. We strive to raise clean, healthy food that will provide the most nutrition for your family.

We offer a livestock for sale when we have them. We have Berkshire pigs, UK Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Nubian dairy goats, pet goats, mini pot-belly pigs, angora rabbits, Kathdin sheep and mini horses.

Another aspect of our farm is our fruit and vegetable products. We have strawberries, blackberries, peaches, and a variety of garden vegetables. These vegetables are available to our meat club members, our customers at farmers markets, and those that visit the farm to pick their own. We also offer some cut flowers.

Another aspect of our farm is a Dasiy Dos soaps and lotions. We milk our goats and make a line of goat milk soa and lotion. these wonderful moisturizing products are available at farmers markets, at the farm, on our website, and at fairs and festivals.

We are beginning a line of wool products from our finn sheep and angora rabbits. this is a work in progress.

We also do on farm events as Friendly farm. Click here to go to that website for details.