Who is Rebel Hollow Farm?

Rebel Hollow Farm is owned and operated by Jodie Moore and her three sons, CJ, John and Hunter.  We began as Friendly Farm in 2012 and expanded into Rebel Hollow farm in 2018.  Friendly Farm does fun events like Baby Cuddling, a Sunflower festival, and Easter Eggstravaganza and more. Check out Friendly Farm here
People were uncomfortable with a petting zoo that sold meat.  We decided to make it easier by branding our meat, Rebel Hollow Farm .  Same place but the petting zoo animals are not the animals being raised for food.  

Meet the family!


Jodie Moore

Jodie is a teacher by nature.  She loves to help people learn!  Beginning a farm has given her the opportunity to help many adults and children learn more about where their food comes from.  


John Moore

John enjoys working with his sheep and is developing a line of wool and wool products.  He is also learning to art of gardening and will this year be working in the new hoophouse to provide early vegetables.  


Hunter Moore

Hunter does a great job working with kids at local events and birthday parties.  He is still deciding what he wants to do on the farm but is a great hand at anything he tries.  

CJ Moore

Cj is the right hand man.  He does it all!  You may see him at a market, on the tractor, fixing something, building the hoophouse, putting up fence, caring for the animals, and on and on.  He does it all

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