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farm raised beef, pork and lamb


Grass Raised Grain finished cattle

While the cattle are growing, they are out in the field grazing, exercising, eating in a normal manner.  We then bring them in and feed them grain to add just the right amount of fat to have great flavor and tenderness.  

Pature raised pork

Our pigs, mostly berkshire, are raised on rotational pasture.  They are supplemented with a grain from the local feed mill.  This is in a natural form, not made into a pellet.  

100% grass fed lamb

Our lambs are slow growing but they are only on the grass in our field.  

Our Most Popular choices

Beef, Pork or Lamb

Whole or Half 

Fill your freezer with awesome, farm raised beef, pork or lamb.  We deliver to the processor, give you a cut sheet, it is cut to your specifications, vacuum sealed, and delivered to a convenient location.  All fees included in the price.  
view our cut sheet here  This is an excel spreadsheet.  At the bottom is a tab to change between the animals.

Make your decisions easy


Our most popular choices put together in packages for your convenience. 
Browse our packages here.

You choose

Order your choice

Just tell us what you want.  Pick exactly the cuts you want.  Send us your grocery list and we will fill it.  

Raw milk

Join our herdshare

Pay a one time fee to buy into the herd then pay board on you animla weekly to receive the product of your animals.  We have both a cow and a goat herdshare.  

Looking for livestock?

Livestock available

We raise registered Nubian goats, jersey cattle, dexter cattle, Katahdin sheep, and rabbits.  what we have available is listed here.  


Dogs available

We raise australian Shepherds and Great Pyrenese.  both breeds are vital to the life of a farm.  

Our Packages

All Beef

2 lb sirloin steak
5 lb ground beef
1 beef roast
5 lb our choice

Give it a Try Pack

1 lb ground beef
1 lb sausage
2 lb sirloin steak
2lb ham
one time purchase only

Combo box

4 sirloin steaks
4 lb ground beef
4 lb sausage
2 lb ham
4 lb our choice

Breakfast Special

1 dozen farm fresh eggs
1 lb sausage
Family size
2 dozen eggs
2 lb sausage

Smokers Package

5 lb or larger Boston butt
5 lb or larger brisket

Family Pack 1

2 lb sirloin steak
1 beef roast
2 ham roast
15 lb ground beef
10 lb sausage
5 lb stew meat
 10  lb our choice

Family Pack 2

2 lb sirloin steak
1 ham roast
10 lb ground beef
10 lb sausage

Steaks galore

4 ribeyes 
4 NY Strips
4 filets
4 sirloins

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