Raw milk from our Jersy cow or Nubian goats
Available in a herdshare program. Read the info on this page and be sure you understand theprogram. 

Our herdshare is currently full 

What is a herdshare?

raw milk
A herdshare is an agreement between a person and a farmer that makes the person interested in raw milk, a partial owner in the herd. The farmer will then care for the animals including milking, then meet with the person to pick up his percentage of the milk. This is the only legal way to obtain raw milk in Tennessee. Rebel Hollow farms has 2 herdshares available, a goat and a cow share. Scroll down for more information.

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Herdshare choices

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Goat Herdshare
currently we are allowing our goats to be dry while we wait for babies.  In late December we should have shares availabe

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CSA coming soon
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This program is full. More shares coming soon

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